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Well-Groomed Advice: Father & Son Matching Outfits

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Question: Hi I am attending a baptism end of August, I will be the god mother and will be wearing an orange and white dress. I need advice on styling my husband (26) and son (4). I have purchased orange knit ties for them both and am debating on matching outfits? (Is that acceptable?) My thought are for a less traditional look chinos and suit jacket rather than full suit maybe navy chino grey jacket? I have no idea on shoes (converse?) or coloured shirt? Your advice would be gratefully received. Just in case it matters, we’re in Britain and it will be end of summer so probably raining. – Daniella

Mrs. Well-Groomed:

Hey Daniella,

We would never dismiss matching outfits – especially for father and son! It is totally acceptable, just not too matchy-matchy. Here are 3 ways father and son can go together in style:

Matching tones + Different materials
Black shirt + black blazer + light /medium gray pants for your husband.
Black / white gingham shirt + dark vest + light pants for your son. They don’t need to be from the same materials – just the same tone (i.e. black and grey).

Light and Dark
I wouldn’t mind a full suit! Choose bright colors so it would feel a tiny bit less formal and as a nod to end of summer.

Dad’s blazer + pants suit is from ASOS | Son’s suit is from Next

Alternatively, Junior can wear a light colored trousers (tan or light grey) while your husband can wear dark color chinos. Top off with same colored blazers (ideally with the same color as the little guy’s pants to bring the two looks together).

Image (original source not found) via

Dapper Dudes
We love navy, tan, and orange! Crisp white shirt always works, but you can change it up a little by adding colors and patterns. Dapper dudes duo for sure.

Image of the “father” original source not found 
Image of the ring bearer from Jodi Miller Photography found via Southern Wedding

Works the other way around too, with the navy on the bottom!

Image found on Flickr by Kim Clay

Mr. Well-Groomed: 

Do use light weight fabrics such as chino, linen or cotton.  Avoid denim for baptism. As for shoes, converse is a good option, but the occasion calls for a more polished finish. Color blocking loafers will elevate the outfit without being too heavy. Plus, some of these shoes are water resistant to anticipate the rain. (Don’t forget your umbrella~)

Check out the gallery below for shoes to finish the look of your father and son matching outfits.

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