A Well-Groomed Dream Space: How to Creat the Most Awesome & Stylish Man Cave for Mr. Well-Groomed

Something special is happening today in the blog: Well-Groomed has teamed up with Dyson to talk about a dream space at the couple's nest. Even better, you've got a chance to win a Dyson DC59 Motorhead for your own dream space (details at the end of the post!)

First, what guy wouldn't want to have a space for all his gears and toys, to lounge with our buddies on college football Saturday? Now that, to me, is a dream space. But I'm over the overly themed look, a catalog of Red Sox memorabilia type room ... Let's talk about how to turn a standard stereotype man-cave to a sophisticated, modern gentleman-cave - without forgetting our own personalities, whether it's music, movie or Star Wars geek, surf dude, tech nerd, or a USC fan like myself....

Here are the 4 essentials to consider when creating a dream gentleman-cave:

Yes, our dream space should reflect who we are
Start by defining your style. If you're here, most likely you're someone who care about how you look. Whether you are laid back, preppy or classy, your space and the design elements in it should reflect that as well.

Build the play, fun and function
The idea about this space is to have fun! For me, part of building the fun includes the following lively luxuries like a fridge - fully stocked with six packs drinks, a wine cooler / storage, plasma TV (note that plasma is a must!), XBOX 1 - or any game console of your choice, second plasma TV + Tivo + cable - hey, we're multi-taskers, right guys?, high speed internet  + bad ass wireless router gateway to keep us fully connected,  a complete home console stereo instrument - gotta be wireless though, because we try to #cutthecord , constant cool air, computers, laptop, tablet, kick ass laser printer, and charging stations in all 4 sides of the walls. In short: hard-core gadgets all in one place - add a pool table as you wish.

The thoughtful details
Preserving our passion, collection of pride and joy, can be done in unexpected yet classy ways. Put together your curios and memorabilia in uniform frames for a cohesive look. Creating a wall art is one approach, but if you're not careful, it can quickly feel like a museum. I like narrative, mixing it up with family and friends' photos. Think of it as a way to tell a story,  incorporate moments that you share with loved ones.

3 Cs: Comfortable,  Clutter-free, and Clean
Everything about this dream space should feel effortless. Fosho, we need a super couch to relax. I'm not really a leather person, but I'm looking for a clean, modern lines, and deep seatings with down feather filling. But it's not just about the couch - it's the whole environment. Too many things create clutter and it's the opposite of the relaxing virtues that we want in the dream man-cave. The narrative approach to displaying my mementos above is a great way to filter and be more organized. I get to pick the most incredible and heart pumping experiences - and rotate them once in a while for a change. The rest should be stored neatly in boxes or closed cabinets.

My one big key to the dream gentleman cave is to keep the room clean. I'd hate to come home to a messy, dirty place, when what I need most is to refresh! And it's extremely easy to do so, when you have the right power tool. For this, I rely on yep, you guessed it: the Dyson DC59 Motorhead. Because of its streamlined look & space-saving form, it fits into the scheme of things with whatever your dream space looks like.

I can display it in the open, right there, next to my gears -  no need to dig into the utility closet, no need to move around the cord, (hello, it's cordless), and I can do a quick clean with ease in any part of the room. This kind of convenience is a luxury. And when your vacuum has a turbo mode, well, it feels more like playing with a dirt buster weapon. 

What a blast we're going to have! 

Now, how can you win a Dyson DC59 Motorhead - valued at $600, you ask?

Easy, peasy! Follow these 2 easy steps:

1. Visit this page to learn all about Dyson DC59 Motorhead #cutthecord

2. Come back to Well-Groomed and leave a comment below this post, answering the question: "What is your dream space and what Dyson DC59 Motorhead feature do you enjoy the most?" 

This campaign runs until Aug 17, 2014 and is a collaboration amongst several blogs. US residents only. One winner will be randomly selected by the comment they leave on one of the blogs participating in this campaign. The winner will be announced Monday, August 18th, and will be notified through a response to his/her comment. Winner will have 5 business days (by 8/25/14) to submit email address, contact info and claim the prize. 

Update: Winner has been chosen and the prize has been claimed. Thanks so much for participating! 

| This post is sponsored by Dyson, but the man cave guide and must-haves are all the opinion of Mr. Well-Groomed |


Paris said...

My dream space is a beautiful marble deep soak tub bathroom where I can relax after a day of work!

Paris said...

And feature that I enjoy the most from Dyson is the no cord! That's gotta make things easy to vacuum the staircase and the car!

Lover_ly said...

We are loving the pinstripe look for grooms!

Melissa Green Hartley said...

First off, I like that this Dyson is lightweight & has 3 times the suction power as other cordless vacs..and my dream space would be a screened in deck with a hot tub & a nice patio set.

shinyredthings said...

My pup is a cutie, but man - the hair is ridiculous! I love that this vacuum is light and has a head small enough to reach under furniture. My dream space is a screened in porch with a big hammock where both of us can relax.

susitravl said...

3X the Suction power of other cordless vacs. My dream space would be a beautifully landscaped back yard, free of bugs. :)

abedabun dawn said...

My dream space is a nice kitchen! I love to bake but my kitchen is awful small. I love that the vac does not have a cord and is rechargeable.

Angie B. said...

I love the fact that it's cordless. This would be so much easier for me to use on the stairs and landings. My dream space? I have a few but right now I"d love my own office to work in at home

stephdub said...

This dream space campaign has me thinking up so many possibilities! My dream space would be a big bright craftsman home with lots of sky lights and open windows and a cozy home office. All hardwood floors with brightly colored rugs.

My favorite features of the DC59 have to be the carbon fiber bristles for picking up the fine dirt and dust from the hardwood, and that it captures the microscopic dust. Living in LA our house is filled with so much dirt and dust and I hate having to lug out our big vacuum every few days! So the size and portability is also a fave feature. We'd mount this on the wall and it'd be so easy to grab and do a quick round over the floors!

Jutta Pearce said...

I would love a little cottage in the woods with a huge wraparound deck! I love that this vacuum has a 2 year warranty and the extending for ceilings!

Liz said...

My dream space would be a combined lounge for husband and a playroom for my son who is 28 months. Currently we are living in a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom, and we use the second living room as my son's playroom (because other rooms are occupied). It will be wonderful to have 2 functions in one room. I would imagine that room will have a mini library for dear husband to store his books collection, and also has plasma TV for him to relax after work or accompany my son while watching cartoons. I would decor the wall not only with growth chart, cute animal stickers, but also I would install a wall wine cellar for my husband (which is out of reach from the kid for sure) for him to enjoy and a nice family couch!
Now that's a picture perfect space for us!

What I love from Dyson DC59 is its versatility for sure! As a mom of energetic toddler, this vacuum is the answer to any mom's prayer. Not only I can vacuum my-never-tidy car (hello, sand from the park, cheerios,etc), I can also vacuum the ceilings, stairs, and the best part of all is CORDLESS! (no tug of war with my toddler anymore!)
And, oh, the microscopic dust feature, didn't I tell you that I have a toddler? This Dyson DC59 is every mom's best friend!

Jeanna johnson said...

My dream space would be a huge screened in Lanai complete with comfortable patio furniture, fridge and working sink! I'd love to be able to sit outside and enjoy it without swatting bugs all the time. It would also able us to feel not so cooped up in the house!

I love that it's cordless! How wonderful is that! That means I can use this anywhere without having to worry about finding an outlet.

Erin Krumm said...

My dream space is a well decorated master bedroom. The feature I love the most about the dyson is that it is lightweight yet very powerful. I need something that I can clean the stairs with easily and not break my back in the process!!

April C. said...

I love the DC59 Motorhead's slim design!! Makes it perfect for me to clean high spaces like window blinds. I'd use it with the brush tool. My dream space would be an open, airy family room for my family to enjoy!

Jennifer Tilson said...

I love that is lightweight and balanced. I haven't found anything that's easy to use on carpeted staircases. My dream space would be a sunroom or porch where my family could hang out and enjoy the sun.

Reesa Lewandowski said...

This will be great to clean all of the little corners and nooks I never can get!!!! My dream space would be ocean front!

Samantha Foy said...

I am a huge Dyson fan and since owning one would never purchase another. The feature that I love the most is the fact that it picks up microscopic dust. I have dust allergies. It's also a big bonus that there is no cord. It makes it easily portable to clean everywhere without having to run around plugging the cord into different outlets.

Laurie said...

My dream space would be a quiet, cozy room for reading. I love that the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is so lightweight.

Erica said...

Love that it's lightweight. My dream space would be a fully decked out entertainment room with surround sound and a huge flat screen tv

Christina P said...

I love how light it is, my current Dysoer vacn is heavy and extremly hard to push. I have back issues so I have a difficult time using it and sadly I'm always extremly sore after vacuuming rhe house. My ideal room would be a multi function room where I could do crafts and also have it as a play room for my son.

Michaele said...

My dream space is my bedroom. I like it perfectly clean. And it's upstairs so I love how lightweight the vacuum is!

Gertrude Ezell said...

I dream of a big beautiful kitchen with a breakfast area and I love Dyson, and I think this would be a great addition with the ease of no cord and the different attachments are great for different floors. Thank you!

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