Mismatched Style + Dress Shirt for Different Body Types

Q: I have a group of 7 groomsmen, and everyone will be wearing the same dark grey suit.  I love the idea of a gingham shirt with a solid color tie like this:

This is the original look I was hoping for.

The problem is that we have every body type represented in the group which makes it hard to find 1 exact shirt for everyone.  I've been searching around, but I haven't found 1 shirt that fits all. Me and another groomsman are large guys (18.5 34/35).  Then there's my stocky brother (18 35/36), and the best man is fairly tall (17 1/2 and 36/37 Tall).  Many of the groomsmen don't live nearby so I was hoping I could find a shirt online that's less than $60.  The wedding is in less than 2 months so custom tailored shirts are out of the question, and I think they'd be cost prohibitive anyway.

I think I'm going to have to settle for a white shirt with different color ties which is fine but I was hoping to do something more fun and creative.  The colors are purple and orange.  The boutonnieres are most likely going to be orange so I want the shirt/tie to be more purple to match the purple bridesmaid dresses.  Can you help me out?!

Thank you - Abir

purple gingham shirt | orange purple bouquet  | solid purple neck tie | solid purple bow tie | grapetini purple dress

A bold solid purple concord neck tie would look great on a purple gingham shirt - something like this from Lane's End (yes, it is below $60 - plus, it is lightweight with 100% cotton). For a little fun, the groomsmen can wear the bowties, while you carry out the crisp look. Or, a mismatched outfit, such as patterned neck ties with the same hue would look stylishly smart! 

See below for some purple neck ties:

Dark grey suit | light purple shirt | orange polka dot tie | grapetini purple dressOrange bouquet with a purple ribbon

Alternatively, we can inject more of the fresh orange to celebrate the purple and orange palette that you're going for. A light purple shirt can create a sophisticated contrast with the dark grey suit and bright orange tie. Add an orange boutonniere with a grapetini ribbon to create a color link to the grapetini bridesmaid dresses

Hats off to the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be for throwing us a box of ideas! They certainly have great style and vision!

P.S. The grey suit would be perfection with any of these rich dark brown shoes


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