Q&A: Help! How to tie everything together?

Q: Hello Well-Groomed blog--puzzled bride here,
I am trying to keep my groom happy, but I feel like I have no idea how to match this tie thing! we are having a daytime summer wedding (at a catholic church), so it has to be a mix of fancy and laid-back. the groom doesn't wear suits (construction project manager), but he got very excited about this, and so it's what he's going to wear; this is the shirt he's pretty committed to (in the salmon herringbone); and this is what his groomsmen will be wearing (in warm khaki); and this is what the bridesmaids will be wearing (they'll be in different cuts, but to give you an idea--in candy coral, papaya, and sangria). I'll be in white. What do we do to tie us all together and not look silly?? Please help!! - Stephanie

peach bouquet found via loverly from Snippet + Ink

A: Hi Stephanie, thanks for writing in. The colors that you have so far are so light and refreshing - I love the palette. For a look to be cohesive, you can pick a color that makes a major statement and brings it in a smaller scale elsewhere. Pick colors on the flower bouquet, boutonniere, ties, or even socks to your advantage!

I came up with 3 different color palette for you to choose from.

Option 1: the salmon from the grooms shirt. For fun, each of the groomsman can even wear a tie that matches the color of the bridesmaids' dress: candy coral, papaya, and sangria! No need to be identical, simply use the same hue. Peach boutonniere and simple white bouquets for the bridesmaid completes the look.

Warm khaki suit + Crisp white shirt  (photo by Julie Mikos found on SMP)
Boutonniere | All white bouquet (source unknown found on pinterest)

Option 2: Add a complementary color to the palette. I know you shy away from blue, but I think either navy blue, indigo, or teal would be so handsome with your palette. If the contrast is a bit too overwhelming, you can focus on articulating the blue hue in the details. For example, the neck tie, ribbon on the bouquet and boutonniere (And yes, any of the blue still would compliment the earth tone that you have from the kraft envelopes.)

teal tie image courtesy of GQ
peach bouquet with something blue (source unknown found on pinterest)

Option 3: You can also go with black (this seems to be one of your options, right?) I recommend adding a fun graphic pattern like polka dot or stripes, to avoid it being too serious and heavy - and to fulfill your "fancy and laid back scenario"

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