Q&A: Two grooms ask, "What should we wear to our City Hall wedding?"

Q: My fiance and I are getting married late Feb in San Francisco. The ceremony will be at City Hall with a trolley ride around the city and a picnic in the park afterwards. The ladies will be wearing vintage floral dresses and fascinators. We're both wearing matching gingham shirts, but everything else doesn't necessarily need to match. We plan to wear TOMS to keep with the outdoor/picnic feel. I'd love to pick your brain. Thanks so much. --Tim

Two grooms ask, "What should we wear for our casual, City Hall wedding?" | Well-Groomed

A: Thanks for writing in, Tim! I know you're thinking of both wearing khaki suit jackets and navy suit pants, but I'd like to suggest that instead of mixing two suits, you wear one complete suit and he wear the other color. Since you've already chosen the light blue gingham shirt, add in these complimentary floral bow ties. They'll pick up on the women's vintage floral dresses, and they'll add a unique touch to your looks.

You've already settled on TOMS, so vary the toe style and shade for another nice detail. Incorporate the gold in one tie in the golden TOMS of the other groom, and the light blue-green in the other tie with the green TOMS on the opposite groom. The orange-red belt will add a pop of vibrant color to the two basic suits, and unify the two looks.

If you're open to little more of my two cents, try a chambray shirt with either or both of your looks.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Looking for vest like this? Where could I find these? Stephanie

wellgroomed said...

Hi Stephanie, thanks for writing in. We've found similar options for you right

wellgroomed said...

Hi Carley,

Here are similar options for you to check out - hope this helps: http://www.wellgroomedblog.com/2014/04/well-groomed-q-where-can-we-find.html

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