Q&A: Where Can We Find Madras Bow Ties?

Colorful, not crazy purple madras bow ties for the groom and groomsmen. | Well-Groomed
Q: My fiance and I will be having a vineyard wedding in September. We're a colorful pair, so we'll be doing something a bit brighter than the standard neutral/rustic look of many vineyard weddings. The color palette includes radiant orchid, hot pink, orange, and gold. The bridesmaids will be wearing  this. The groomsmen will wear navy suits. Can you help us find a good, purple madras bow tie? Pattern mixing is welcome. Thanks! --Laura

A: Hey, Laura! I found three madras bow ties that I think accomplish the colorful, not crazy vibe you're looking for. Mix any of the three amongst the guys for a coordinated look that isn't too matchy-matchy. Swap out white shirts, and consider pairing the navy suits with purple shirts. If you're really up for some pattern mixing, a small scale striped shirt in navy or purple would work well, too.

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