Well-Groomed Sneak Peek: Martha Stewart Weddings

Don't let the cover fool you, the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings isn't all about the bride. In fact, I've got an exclusive sneak peek of the Fall 2012 issue's Groom's Guide feature.
The groom-centric feature breaks down head-to-toe looks for casual, semi-formal, and formal weddings to make getting dressed stress-free for any guy. 

Plan ahead, and download the MSW app on your iPad and get videos for several ways to cinch your tie. The issue's on newsstands and available in the App Store. Even better? The download's free if you (or your fiance) have a subscription.

feature images by Roland Bello/Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2012, Copyright 2012
cover image by Cover Photography: Dirk Kikstra/Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2012, Copyright 2012

Well-Groomed Engagement: Knee Deep

This guy keeps it casual for a woodland engagement shoot that gets him and his girl knee deep in a creek. Rolled jeans and a cuffed plaid shirt are right at home in this watery, wilderness-set session.
images by Erin Hearts Court

Well-Groomed Engagement: Work of Art

Custom kicks and a graffiti backdrop make this guy's engagement session come alive with color. Amanda submitted these pics on behalf of her other half, Nick (notice his initials inside the drum kit?). He works three relaxed looks. Each one planned to compliment the setting, whether it was the North Carolina Museum of Art, the woods, or North Carolina State.
He smartly pairs a grey cardigan with brown boots to balance his pink button-down shirt. A casual, wool skinny tie keeps the look pulled together without it being stuffy.

A skinny, loosely cinched black tie adds to his relaxed, but graphic black and white look.

Thanks for sharing your e-session, Nick and Amanda!

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images by Meredith Perdue

Look 1 | t-shirt: Penguin, jeans: Banana Republic, custom tennis shoes: Converse store in NYC

Look 2 | sweater: Nordstrom, shirt: Gap, jeans: Banana Republic, shoes: Ben Sherman

Look 3 | shirt: Ben Sherman, tie: Express, pants: Gap, shoes: Banana Republic

Featured: Southern Weddings

Last week, I was asked by the ladies over at Southern Weddings Magazine to pick a few items that I think are essential for Southern grooms for their Summer in the South series.

Here are my picks. Swing by SW's blog to find out why I think each of these is perfect for the grooms looking to beat the heat as we close out the last days of summer.
I'd like to thank the SW Mag crew for inviting me to share my two cents.

You've seen my picks, what do you think are essentials for summer grooms?

Style Snapshot: Shades of Sherbert

images by Swoon by Katie

Well-Groomed Groom: Change of Address

The weddings over, but the photo-worthy moments are just beginning. If you're moving in with your new spouse or upgrading your shared place after the nuptials, why not bring a photog along for the big move? This newlywed guy dresses for the transition in bright red shorts, rainbow plaid shirt, and boat shoes without socks.

images by Nancy Ray

Well-Groomed Groom: Mix n Match Matrimony

Groomsmen with different body types or just different style preferences? Take a note from this groom. He and the groomsmen widely varied their looks, some in 3-piece suits, some in just shirt and suspenders, and others in different vests. This is also a good way to work around different body types. Chances are, your tall, lean brother and your short, portly best friend won't look great in the exact same pieces. Work around each guy's body type (or what they're comfortable in) to create the best looks.

To keep it from getting chaotic, all the guys in this wedding stuck to a palette of neutral black, white, grey, and tan. So whether one guy looks best in cropped slim pants and another in full-length looser ones, you can still make everyone happy without compromising on your overall style statement.

images by Braedon Photography

Style Snapshot: Fall Engagement

Thanks to reader Ariel for tracking down the original source of this pic.

scarf: Zara, sunglasses: c/o David Yurman, jean jacket: Levi’s, shirt: H&M, jeans: Hudson Denim, shoes: Saucony 

image via This Fellow

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DIY Proposal In A Box

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Grab a box, and stuff it full of party favors and a printable "Say Yes" banner. Include the printable instructions for the recipients and do something creative to incorporate their pics into the proposal. It'll be just like they were there.

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Well-Groomed Engagement: We Built This City

Why paint the city red when you can eat it? This guy looks harmless in an argyle sweater vest, blazer, and bow tie, but he's ready to channel Godzilla and take a bite out of a mini cardboard city replica. Jeans and sneakers complete the look.

images by Chelle Wooten Photography via Uschi and Kay

Well-Groomed Groom: New Orleans Nuptials

A wedding in the Big Easy means a party in the streets. This groom and his groomsmen mix lilac gingham with grey and pink stripes to create their wedding style. He pairs a grey suit with brown shoes, while the rest of the guys go for black oxfords.
images by Sean Flanigan


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