Well-Groomed Engagement: Lip-Dub Proposal

We've seen some pretty elaborate proposals, like this stop animation Lego wedding and this Starbucks in the woods one, but this guy's lip-dub is the new #1. Not only does he seem to get every friend and family member involved (even some who had to Skype in), he also captures the brides reaction with a little picture-in-picture action.
Check out the video below.
Well done!

Well-Groomed Engagement: The Long and Short(s) Of It

It's hot as Hell, even here in MN. So the last thing you want to do is stand around in pants posing for pics. Rather than dropping trou, consider incorporating shorts into your engagement session or wedding like this guy.

His first look, shorts, button-down, and fedora could work for an off-beat wedding. His second look showcases teal shors, a straw hat, and striped tank. And the hits don't stop. The third look consists of jean shorts and "grandpa" cardigan sweater. Since it's blazing hot, ditch the socks, too. This guy went sans socks for all three styles.

images by Ciara Richardson via Pinterest

Well-Groomed Groom: Men of Honor

Whether it's a former serviceman dressing up as a soldier of a different era, or a guy currently servicing, today's the day to pay your respects to these grooms worth remembering.
Rachel McNamara Photography, The Studio B Photography, Fabyoubliss, Dixie Pixel, Capitol Romance

Style Snapshot & Week In Review

I'm finally back home after some business travel, and this week has flown by. In case your week was as hectic as mine, here's a recap to get you up to speed.

This groom adds flair with two-tone teal shoes.
Without a huge wardrobe change, this guy gets two looks in one for an engagement shoot.
A little color and a graphic look work for this hipster guy's e-session.
A reader asks the age-old question, "Can I mix black and brown?"
These little guys bring some color to the wedding. 

images by Jodi Miller Photography, groom's outfit: J. Crew

Well-Groomed Groom: Size Doesn't Matter

These kids and this little guy prove that it's worth paying attention to the tykes in the wedding. They're tiny, but you can still pack in a lot of style. The kids and groomsmen all wore cardigans, but in different shades of gray. The boys' red, white, and blue bow ties add some color in an otherwise monochromatic set of guys.

images by Troy Grover Photography

W-G Q&A: Can I Mix Black and Brown?

A reader sent me his wedding inspiration board (see below) and a question about the appropriate way to wear black and brown.

Q: [Below] is what my Bride to be and Bridesmaids will be wearing. Also m ideas for the Groomsman. My question is: Can I put Brown and Black together this way? -- Peter
A: Peter, conventional wisdom would say that you should only wear brown with brown, but rules are meant to be broken. The most popular W-G post ever addresses a similar issue, and I mocked up a handy little cheat sheet. Since both colors are neutrals, they can be paired together. The trick, is to making the pairing look intentional. Don't choose just one black item, add two (or more) black elements to your brown suit. You've chosen the shoes and the tie. But, consider adding socks or a pocket square that contain both colors. 

Still hesitant? What about some custom Converse? Choose leather, and they'll make a great momento that will last more than one summer. Here are a couple I designed. The first pair includes the bridesmaids' dress color and your wedding date.

Here's a Calvin Klein look modeled by Halle Berry's baby daddy that shows another brown and black look.
You may notice on the cheat sheet, I said that brown suits always go with brown shoes. To be clear, that shade of light brown is best with brown. However, a deep chocolate brown (like your suit and those custom Converse) goes great with black.

Well-Groomed Engagement: Color & Quirk

This guy's graphic look is accented in two ways. A bright green belt adds some color, and an unusual tie adds the quirk. Combined with Converse, suspenders, and geeky glasses, the look has "hipster" written all over it.

images by Chris Hui

Well-Groomed Engagement: Two Looks In One

This groom maximizes his e-session look by getting two different looks out of one outfit. Forget dramatic wardrobe changes, just layer up (or down) to create a new style. Here, a blazer, button-up, and bow tie look nearly professorial, while the same button-p with rolled sleeves and a graphic belt are much more casual, but cool.
images by Ashley Rose Photography

Well-Groomed Tip: Get Gingham'd

My wife's been on a picnic kick the last few weeks, and nothing says summer or picnic more than gingham and narrow seersucker-style stripes. Apparently, she's not the only one in a picnic blanket state of mind. The Grunion Run has some refreshingly affordable gingham and striped neckwear options in their current collection.
Don't be afraid to mix gingham, whether it's the shirt or the tie, with patterns and solids like these grooms.

images | 1, 2, 3: source unknown, 4

Well-Groomed Engagement: Cool As A Cactus

It's not often that a pompadour crosses paths with saggy jeans. This guy's look for his desert engagement shoot is so wrong it's right. Big, baggy pants, a too-short tie, and untucked shirt somehow work. Probably because you can tell this is just who this guy is. He isn't wearing a styled, themed outfit specifically for the shoot. His geeky glasses add another layer to the look. Sometimes, style is about breaking established style rules.

images by Christina Chico


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