Well-Groomed Gift Guide: The Avengers Guy

The Avengers raked in tons of cash when it premiered overseas this weekend. Chances are you and a few of the groomsmen are movie-bound once it debuts here this week. What better inspiration for groomsmen (and ring bearer) gifts than a bunch of superhero homeboys?

Put all that random Marvel trivia knowledge to work by taking control of a team of superheroes with the board game. Help the guys expand their old school comics collection, deck out their room in mom's basement (or work cube) with graphic posters, and lose a weekend in front of the TV for a movie marathon. Don't forget the little guy. The ring bearer will get lost in a Loki and Thor-centric Lego land.

Marvel Heroes game | Design by Nick Morrison posters | old school comics | Lego Loki playset | superhero DVDs

Trying to convince the fiance to include some super power shout outs into the wedding? Feel free to forward this guy's comic-inspired reception to her for proof that it can be awesome, not adolescent.
images by Jagger Photography via GWS

Well-Groomed Engagement: Boat Shoes & Boardwalks

Hermes, Topsiders, and suspenders upgrade khakis and a white shirt for this guy's seaside e-session. Hesitant to try a two-tone shoe? Keep everything else neutral to balance the look.

images by Les Loups

Well-Groomed Groom: Down Under Dudes

I'm back in action and ready to roll. So, without a lot of fanfare, let's get into it. This groom's so stylish, he designed the coats for himself and the guys. I'm not sure what kind of pre-wedding craziness went on before the ceremony that involved Speedos, but I want to find out.
images by Lakshal Perera via Pinterest/Ruffled


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