Style Board: In The Navy

Conservative? That's cool. You don't have to be this bold. In fact, you can stick to your basic roots and still make a style statement. Instead of relying on boring black and white, opt for a navy suit and all-blue accessories.

I even picked a reversible black/brown belt for those of you still having this internal struggle.

Check out these real guys in navy.
Style Board: GQ Ewan McGregor, Paul Smith cufflinks, Custom Rings titanium band, Fossil watch, Banana Republic reversible belt, boutonniere

Grooms: W-G, W-G, Ruffled

Well-Groomed Groom: I've Got the Blues

Who says your "something blue" has to be on the bride? Two-tone saddle shoes take the guess work out of mixing and matching fabrics and colors in this bearded groom's Southern wedding. Muted seersucker suits and simple boutonnieres keep the focus on the pop of blue. Notice that each groomsman is wearing something different (except the shoes)? Have guys wear clothes they already own as long as it's within your palette to keep the budget reasonable for everyone. Pick one unifying item, in this case the shoes, for everyone to buy.

images by Brae Howard Photography

Well-Groomed Groom: Once, Twice, Three Times a Groom

This couple's varying cultures dictate not two, but three different ceremonies, all set in a Jamaican paradise. For the groom, that means three different great looks as he makes his journey down the aisle(s). First up, a Nigerian ceremony to celebrate his heritage.
Followed by an Indian ceremony to celebrate the bride's heritage.
And, you can't forget the Christian ceremony.

Want some more multicultural matrimony? Check out this gay wedding and this Indian Invasion.

images by The Studio B Photography

Style Snapshot & Week In Review

Another great week has come and gone here at W-G, and if your house has been plagued by the stomach flu like mine has, you may have missed a post or two. Be sure to catch up.

These celebs and real guys show us how to work "geek chic" glasses with panache.
This groom takes his navy suit one step further by choosing one with a geometric print.
A wily beard and handlebar mustache make this guy's e-shoot stand out.

images by EP love

Well-Groomed Engagement: Restrained Rocker

This guy's wild beard and handlebar mustache are in stark contrast to his minimalist black and white outfit and skinny tie. For even more contrast, part of this e-session takes place in a cluttered room and the rest in a simple outdoor setting.
Want to see some more bearded grooms-to-be? Check out these classic W-G Engagements: Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em, Locks of Love, Pumpkin Head, State (Af)fair

images by Rabia Khwaja Gohar via BB

Well-Groomed Break

I'm taking a break from blogging today to help nurse my wife back to health. I'll be back tomorrow, so take a minute to browse through some of the W-G archives in the meantime.

Well-Groomed Tip: Be A Spectacle

I've worn glasses forever, and I'm pretty loyal to thin, wire-rimmed frames. I let my wife talk me into trying on a thick, nerdy pair (She calls them "geek chic") this time around. You know, the ones you would have rather died than wear in middle school? Yeah, those. Turns out the wife was right. The thicker frames looked great, so my advice for grooms with glasses? Consider upgrading your look for the big day. Great looking options are out there for as little as $90.
Still not convinced? Check out some of these real guys rocking the nerdy look at their wedding.

glasses (in center of circle) by Warby Parker: Winston + Monroe
grooms: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Ryan Gosling, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Kayne West, Brad Pitt, James Dean, LeBron James, Johnny Depp

Style Snapshot & Week In Review

Another good week behind us, and here's a recap to catch you up if you missed a post.

This Wild West post is from last week, but it's worth another look at this groom's Jesse James vibe.
Check out these gift ideas for your photog or the click-happy dude in your wedding.
This guy's Lego-laden, Hans Solo-officiating stop motion proposal film was a big hit.
Finally, a boudoir session that's not cheesy and involves the guy.
This groom makes room for Super Mario at the wedding.

image by Tonhya Kae Photography via Ruffled

Well-Groomed Engagement: Hit The Sheets

Couple's boudoir session. Need I say more? Ok fine. This groom gets up close and personal with his girl for their e-session. A simple tee, dark jeans, and no shoes are relaxed, but not naked like most bedroom shoots. Keepin' it classy.

images by Braedon Photography

Well-Groomed Engagement: Stop Motion Lego Love

I thought this groom's surprise Starbucks proposal was impossible to beat, but this guy just upped the ante by creating a Lego stop motion film of 2,600 pictures to propose to his girl. He incorporated their hobbies, her profession, and of course a carbonite Hans Solo officiant. There were some other memorable guests in attendance, too. A zookeeper, Indiana Jones, a shiv-wielding female inmate, and Godzilla. You know, just the typical cast of characters.

video by Walt Thompson

Well-Groomed Gift Guide: The Camera Guy

You know that guy who's always clicking away? Maybe he's the pro that's shooting the wedding just a point-and-shoot happy groomsman. Either way, hook him up with a gift that focuses on his obsession.

An argyle camera strap is for the prepster, but camera lens shot glasses are great for the "guy's guy". Get a shoot anywhere tripod for the daredevil photog or a film roll USBs for the techie.

Capturing Couture camera strap, Photojojo USB film roll, Joby Gorilla Pod, Fuji instant camera, Nikon lens shot glasses, Uncommon Goods wood iPhone case, Photojojo focusing ring bracelet

Well-Groomed Groom: Jesse James & Posse

This groom's DIY wedding is straight out of the Wild West. As soon as I saw it on Pinterest, I knew it was a keeper. Vests, suspenders, and pipes? Yeah, it's got all that. There's also a healthy dose of tattoos thrown in for good measure.
images by Richard Israel via Ruffled

Well-Groomed Groom: Croquet Close-Ups

I just came across this groom's laid-back, croquet-centric ceremony while pinning some stuff here. Classic grey suits aren't stuffy when paired with wildflower boutonnieres, pink bow ties, and mallets. Dude even changes into chunky boots to tromp around in the mud post-nuptials.
images by Mr. Haack


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