Style Snapshot: Saddle Shoes in France

images by Dasha Caffrey


Anonymous said...

Sharp. Dig those saddles. (Are men's shoes still conseidered saddles?) Either way - good look.

Darren said...

Hey Anon, you had me second-guessing myself there for a second, but the interwebs confirm that yes, men's shoes are still called saddles. These saddles that are on my radar (

Out of curiosity, what do you call them?

Anonymous said...

Whoa - those are sweet saddles. I guess I was unclear to the distinction between a wingtip (which I think can still be 2 toned?) and a saddle (which are always 2 toned?). Symantics I suppose, though I'm sure there's a "proper" answer.

I'm a BIG fan of the grey (or blue) suit with brown shoes. And have seen your post(s) on this before. But a saddle really makes it pop.

I have 11 months to sort out my wardrobe, but am leaning light grey suit with some sweet brown shoes. And that link has some sweet options - - Thanks!

Darren said...

Hey Anon, now that I get what you were asking, I have the answer you're looking for. Wing-tips always have the contrast color/perforation/detail-stitching on the toe (or tip) of the shoe. There may or may not be detail across the laces, or middle, of the shoe, too.

A saddle shoe has the contrast color across the lace area of the shoe and down both sides, making what looks like a horse saddle of detail on the shoe.

Definitely tackle the grey/brown combo. It gives you more freedom for the groomsmen to also vary their look rather than doing the identical twins look. To cut costs, let them work with items they already own as look as the formality and fabrics are similar.

Hope that helps!

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