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Archive | June, 2012

Well-Groomed Groom: Be Our Guest

Skull caps, mohawks, aviators, geeky glasses, suspenders, bow ties, pretty much anything goes for the guests at this long-haired groom’s 6:00 am (Yes, you read that right. It was at the crack of dawn.) wedding. Along with the fashion, the facial hair runs the gamut from clean-shaven to beards and goatees and everything in between. […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Southern Comfort

On a budget? Take a cue from this groom’s casual, laid-back look. Every guy has a pair of jeans, add a gingham button-down, and any accessory that the groomsmen have and you’ve created a comfortable, cool vibe. Here, some guys wear ties, others wear suspenders, and some wear vests. images by Nancy Ray Photography

Well-Groomed Groom: 5 Down, A Lifetime To Go

This guy’s 5-year anniversary is part hipster, part preppy, and all rural. Iowa fields played a supporting role for lots of bow ties, bright whites, and a game or two of croquet. No ceremony here, just a celebration. images by Wanderlust

Versus: Andrew Garfield vs Himself (3x)

It’s not often that a guy has to compete against himself, but The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield wore some drastically different looks around the world for the movie’s premiere. A red suit and no tie, plaid jacket and sweater vest, checked shirt and plum suit, and classic black, they’re all here. The suit silhouettes […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: Ball and Chain

This rocker got creative with his e-session concept. Good style reflects the wearer’s personality, and this group succeeded. A bathrobe, apron, and all-black rocker wear highlight the couple’s sense of humor and cleverly give you a glimpse at their day-to-day lives. Notice the ball and chain in the first photo. Want some more unusual engagement […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: Primary Pattern

This guy makes an in-your-face style statement with bold black and red stripes and shoes, flaming tattoos, and some unconventional piercings. He stands out against the neutral backdrop of a downtown bridge and train yard. A wool flat cap polishes up his casual look and long sideburns. images by Canary Grey Photography

Well-Groomed Groom: Woolen Wonder

Planning a Fall wedding? Take notes from this groom. He and the groomsmen are working several trends. They’re all sporting different looks, some wearing skinny and wide suspenders, others wearing vests, and still others wearing sweaters. One guy’s even working a flat cap. images by Ryan Ray Photo