Well-Groomed Engagement: The Long and Short(s) Of It

It's hot as Hell, even here in MN. So the last thing you want to do is stand around in pants posing for pics. Rather than dropping trou, consider incorporating shorts into your engagement session or wedding like this guy.

His first look, shorts, button-down, and fedora could work for an off-beat wedding. His second look showcases teal shors, a straw hat, and striped tank. And the hits don't stop. The third look consists of jean shorts and "grandpa" cardigan sweater. Since it's blazing hot, ditch the socks, too. This guy went sans socks for all three styles.

images by Ciara Richardson via Pinterest


Krysta said...

Such a fun and gorgeous couple!

exotic.like.a.mango said...

these two are perhaps the most adorable couple on the face of the earth! absolutely love the photo shoot! wish you guys the best <3

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