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Archive | April, 2012

Well-Groomed Gift Guide: The Avengers Guy

The Avengers raked in tons of cash when it premiered overseas this weekend. Chances are you and a few of the groomsmen are movie-bound once it debuts here this week. What better inspiration for groomsmen (and ring bearer) gifts than a bunch of superhero homeboys? Put all that random Marvel trivia knowledge to work by […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: Boat Shoes & Boardwalks

Hermes, Topsiders, and suspenders upgrade khakis and a white shirt for this guy’s seaside e-session. Hesitant to try a two-tone shoe? Keep everything else neutral to balance the look. images by Les Loups

Well-Groomed Groom: Down Under Dudes

I’m back in action and ready to roll. So, without a lot of fanfare, let’s get into it. This groom’s so stylish, he designed the coats for himself and the guys. I’m not sure what kind of pre-wedding craziness went on before the ceremony that involved Speedos, but I want to find out. images by […]