Style Board: Falling Temps

Winter's on the horizon. Hell, on the East Coast, it's already here, and your wedding wardrobe should reflect the change. Swap a silk tie for a wool one, a polyester vest for a lightweight sweater, and a polished leather belt for a suede version. Not ready to go a little casual for the wedding? Work the look for an engagement session or rehearsal dinner instead.

GQ Harry Shum, Jr., Old Navy sweater, J. Crew shirt, Pierrepont Hicks tie, Gap socks, The Tie Bar pocket square, Lands' End belt

Well-Groomed Wife: Southern Weddings Magazine

I'm taking a break from the usual testosterone-focused posts to highlight my better half. You've seen Shauna's style here in the monthly W-G Gift Guide for your Girl, but she's a dessert table designer by trade. And one of her dessert tables is featured in the latest issue of Southern Weddings. I'm so proud of her that I figured we could all suffer through some flowery, girl-y stuff for just one day.

Check out some more of her dessert table here, or just start following her on Pinterest to check out more of her work.

images by paper antler

Well-Groomed Engagement: State (Af)fair

Like any self-respecting Minnesotan, I ate my way through tons of fried junk during the State Fair this year. But this groom-to-be cleans up the venue's greasy vibe by donning suspenders and a DIY pinwheel boutonniere. A bit of cotton candy, a sky ride, and a trip down the giant slide make the perfect backdrop to this styled engagement session.

images by Jonny Edwin Bennett

Well-Groomed Tip: TieSight

I'll admit that I didn't get Twitter's value right away. But, when you guys tweet me tips, feedback, and input that can help other guys out, I get it.

This week, W-G follower @aaronglewis tweeted me this helpful how-to app to walk you through a variety of different types of tie knots. TieSight gives you step-by-step, onscreen demos to walk you through the Windsor, Pratt, Cavendish, and several other knots. At 99 cents, it's worth the gamble to see how well the app works for you.

Got style tips/news/insight to share? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Well-Groomed Groom: Caps and Converse

This groom and his guys nail the casual vibe with lots of tattoos, Converse, and newsboy caps. The groom wears a jacket, while the guys go without. Barely visible, light blue gingham bow ties add a finishing touch to each guy's look.

images by James Moes

Hardware 006: Distressed Rings

Not into the shiny, polished ring thing? Then stand by your instincts and consider some distressed options. If you work with your hands, your band's likely to get banged up anyway, so these asymmetrical, hammered, scratched rings will take the abuse and look even better than the first day you got it. Even the edges of these rings are bumped, ridged, and rough. Exactly the answer to your handy lifestyle. 

rings by tinahdee: ring 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Well-Groomed Groom: Top It Off

This groom adds a modern twist to a traditional Jewish ceremony by giving the male guests fedoras instead of yarmulkes. A graphic black and white color scheme keeps the rest of the attire classic for the Florence, Italy festivities.
image by W. Scott Chester

Well-Groomed Groom: Modern Mischief

What do you get when the groom gets a say-so? Ugly Dolls, Sock Monkeys, Vans, and more! The bow ties, the sweater vests, and the groom's grand entrance let you know this guy definitely got some input (and wackiness) in these nuptials. Bride Emily was thrilled to show off her man in all his stylish glory. Max Wanger captured every modern red, teal, and grey detail. Be sure to check out the groom's "pocket square," the crafty boutonnieres, and the Toy Story montage dance.

Usually W-G's posts focus only on the wardrobe, but this groom's look is so in sync with the entire event that you can tell he wasn't just an afterthought or arm candy for the bride. So, I'm showing you some of the reception details, too.  Skip the black tux/white pocket square/white tie combo and make sure your look fits your wedding to a "T." Ok, onward we go...

Thanks for the submission, Emily! If you have a well-groomed guy or engagement session to share, check out the Submission page for details.

groom's suit & guy's outfits: Ben Sherman, groom's shoes: patent leather Supras, groomsmen's shoes: Vans, groom's bow tie: Xoelle, ringbearer's heart tie: Baby by Stevie, bride's custom dress: Ellis Yu.

images by Max Wanger, videography: Sharkpig, venue: Smog Shoppe


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