Well-Groomed Engagement: Surprise Quartet

Lots of proposals are a surprise, but not many involve a barbershop quartet crooning beachside. This guy rehearsed for three months with his group to perfect their rendition of "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" before popping the question.

Style Snapshot: Branching Out

image by Tec Petaja

Well-Groomed Groom: Mad About Plaid

The kilts weren’t the only style statements at this wedding. One guest’s purple and grey look is worth a mention, but so is the guy in the maroon suit. And did I mention the owl? No? Well, yeah. There’s an owl, too.

Well-Groomed Q&A: Black Suit Vs Tux? What's Best for New Year's?

Q: So, we're to be married at the Harvard Club in Boston this New Year's Eve...must our groomsmen (and my groom) don tuxedos? Our wedding is not black tie and I don't expect guests to be formal. Would sharp black suits be appropriate? We'll be doing winter white flowers with silver/green accents. Bridesmaids will be in knee-length gray/silver silk dupioni dresses. Reception will be whites and silver accent, lots of candles. I'm considering a deep purple/navy accent flower which we maybe incorporate into wedding party dress. Because its New Year's Eve I'm more open to a little sparkle than I'd be any other day of the year...but not a ton of sparkle :). Having some modern components is really important to us. The space is SO classic that we need to make sure it feels fresh and young. Thanks! --Melissa A.

A: Hi Melissa, I'm glad you wrote in because I think you're overlooking a third contender for your groom. A midnight blue suit fits the bill for your wedding much better than a black suit or tux. Let the guys come alive in this unexpected, yet classic hue and inject a shot of color by choosing a purple shirt. A color block pocket square allows each guy to create slightly different looks by folding it to showcase the various colors. Rather than stuffy champagne flutes, add a twist to the midnight toast by letting each guest pop their own mini bottles. By the way, it's no coincidence that the cufflinks look like exploding fireworks. Here's to 2012!

J.Crew Ludlow suit, Banana Republic dress shirt, Choosy Shopper bow tie, Aspinal of London pocket square, Cole Haan oxford, TOPS Malibu confetti fountain, Paul Smith belt, Starburst cufflinks, Party Pro horns, Pommery champagne

Style Snapshot: Pattern Play

images via Kate Headley

Well-Groomed Engagement: Get on Track

A purple 60's Thunderbird and an old train make for great backdrops in this groom's engagement session. Two checked shirts, a hat, and a bright green suitcase round out this transportation-themed suit.

images by W. Scott Chester Photography

Versus: Shia LaBeouf & Josh Duhamel

At the Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon world premiere, Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel both opted for lighter suits with step collars and stubbly bears. Shia's slim, grey tie creates a monochromatic look that would work for a nighttime modern wedding. Josh's checked tie adds interest to his taupe suit and would be great for a more relaxed, but still refined, day wedding.

images via IMDB

Well-Groomed Groom: The Skinny Down Under

Photog Glen Allsop shot Classic Cool, which is one of W-G’s most popular posts. So when he gave me a sneak peek of this groom and his guys, I knew it would be another hit. The guys paired seersucker jackets and skinny jeans with black bow ties to mix casual and classy styles for this Australian wedding. The formality of French cuff shirts is countered by scooter cuff links and no socks to continue the mix 'n match look. The groom chose an black wedding band, and even the officiant is wearing shades. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

images via Glen Allsop

Week In Review & Style Snapshot

If you weren't careful, you might have missed a post, so check out what happened this week on Well-Groomed.

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Most readers/tweeters agreed these animal masks at the wedding are a "Do." Do you agree?
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Not ready to take a walk on the style wild side? Use this simple tip to make a statement.

Do you have a Style Snapshot, wedding, or engagement shoot to share? Check out the Submissions page for details. In need of some style tips? Ask me on Twitter, Facebook, or email hey [at] wellgroomedblog.com.

image via Pinterest

Well-Groomed Groom: Punch of Pepper

When the groom's a chef, a chili pepper boutonniere makes perfect sense. I came across this wedding while searching for something else, and really liked the combo of fresh white and green. If you're unsure about attempting unconventional looks like this or this, consider a solid tie against a white suit or tux instead of traditional black.

images by Kate Headley

Style Snapshot: Stripes Upon Stripes

image by Pauline Dennigan via The Knotty Bride (suit: Ryle Menswear)

Well-Groomed Groom: Animal Planet

I'll say this upfront, I'm not really sure how to describe what's going with this wedding. I like the guys' peacock blue ties and mismatched vests, but once we venture into animal heads I get a little conflicted. I'm intrigued, but confused. In all fairness, I'll admit that I once donned a rabbit mask for an Alice in Wonderland themed magazine photo shoot, but I didn't really get it then either. Anyhow, these guys kick back with a few beers on the patio before the wedding, which I totally understand.

So, what about those animal heads? Even the women are sporting them. What do you think, are they a great offbeat detail, a weird/creepy concept, or some third option?

images by Jonas Peterson


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