Well-Groomed Groom: Quirky Cool

Everything about this wedding is offbeat. The groom's in a 3-piece suit with a pocket watch, the best man's rocking a vest, and the rest of the guys are in slim suspenders. And socks? Forget socks, it's California after all. Photog Matthew Morgan captured this no-rules ritual.

 Floral bow ties, TOMS, and quirky style rule this groom and groomsmen looks

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Style Board: Mixed Tape Masterpiece

There's no need to hide your swagger on the way to the altar. Rapper Swizz Beatz rocked a pair of studded Louboutins shoes for his wedding. When you pair the black version of these shoes with mixed tape cuff links, a basic tux becomes a style statement. Up the style quotient with a light blue shirt and patterned bow tie. 

ps. Leave the grillz at home.

swizz beatz: GQ, cuff links: cufflinks.com, belt: Banana Republic, shoes: Christian Louboutin, neckties: David Hart & Billy Reid

Well-Groomed Groom: Joshua Tree Retreat

This dude is definitely rockin' out in Joshua Tree. I can't even begin to describe his style, other than to say it has to be craziest, most unique, most oddly-workable wedding get-up I've ever seen. White suit, red socks seems like a recipe for disaster, but at this hipster/tribal ceremony anything goes. Don't believe me, just check out the guests, the flower girl, and the free-spirited bride. Then, mash that all up with a yellow Mustang.

images by Leo Patrone

Style Board: Unconventional Cool

I don't get the whole Twilight thing, but I gotta give Taylor Lautner props for manning up, packing on the muscle, and stepping up his style game. A navy suit, tie, and shirt combo come alive with red and white accents. It's a classic color mix in a really fresh presentation.

Taylor Lautner, Nixon belt, Aspinal of London pocket square, Florsheim by Duckie Brown shoes, KJ Beckett lapel pin, Diesel ceramic watch

Versus: Russell Brand US & Russell Brand UK

Ignore the "pickin' chicken out of my teeth" pose, and focus on Russell Brand's red carpet style. Both looks were for Arthur's premiere. The look on the left was for the U.S. premiere, and the right was for the U.K. one. I'm torn on which way to vote on this one.

The U.S. look is unexpected. How often do you see a monochromatic look that isn't all-black or all-white? You've gotta respect the perfectly-matched shirt. The U.K. look is covertly unexpected. The pink jacket lining is toughened up by a black wallet chain. And closer inspection reveals that the seemingly boring grey suit is actually covered in a houndstooth pattern, which plays well with the plaid tie.

This is a tough one, so I'll let you guys decide. Which look makes the stronger style statement? A head-to-toe unconventional color or a combination of well-mixed patterns? Talk amongst yourselves.

image 1 via IMDb, image 2 via OK Magazine


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