Well-Groomed Groom: Hell Yeah!

This groom's tattoos say it all. The wool vest, purple checkered shirt, and plaid tie add the finishing touch to his sentiment. Feel free to take out your pre-wedding stress on the bride's bouquet post-ceremony. Not ready to get inked? Follow this guy's lead and get temporary knuckle tattoos for the big day.
images by Jessica Zais


beautifulhello said...

i love this couple! So cute, and fun, and full of energy!
I wanted to let you know I featured your logo design as part of my blog post today! Thanks for creating such outstanding work!

Would you mind letting me know who did the original design so I can give proper credit? It's such a stellar logo!

Matt said...

what kind of vans is this gentleman wearing?

Darren said...

Hey Matt, those are the Hemp Rata Vulc. Find 'em here. http://shop.vans.com/catalog/Vans/en_US/style/jxm.html?categoryId=91108

Matt said...


April said...

I love this look and my groom wants to sport something very similar, our family thinks its too casual that he does not want wear a jacket of some sort, is that true or should we just ignore everyone and do what we want? Lol

Darren said...

Hey April, I'll be back this afternoon with a Q&A post to answer your question. Stay tuned!

jen mussari said...

Yay, those are Tattly designs! Here's a link to the temporary knuckle tattoos: http://tattly.com/products/knucks

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