Well-Groomed Q&A: Where Can I Get Affordable Suits?

Q: Since my fiance and I have decided to have our groomsmen wear suits (vs. the traditional tux) at our wedding, do you have any advice on suit rental or where to purchase?  I'm having trouble finding a rental location, and with a pretty good sized wedding party buying suits for everyone is probably irrational.  Any ideas? Thanks! --Nick

A: Hey, Nick. It sounds like you're planning to take on the cost of the purchase or rental for your groomsmen. Very cool. Since you're on a budget, the best option is to shop your own closets. Most of the guys already own blazers, pants, suits, and ties. Ask them to try on any navy or brown blazers, slacks, and suits they already own. A tailor can make inexpensive tweaks to make sure each guy has a custom look rather than a store bought one. Stick to the color palette, and you can have the guys mix and match separates to create the best looks. You could also wait for the winter sales (in January and February) and snap up a bunch of sweater or suit vests. Check out H&M, Gap, J. Crew, etc.

Here are a few examples of real guys mixing and matching jackets, pants, and vests to create their wedding look. These guys all wore different vests (and animal masks), these guys mix different boutonnieres, shirts, and jackets, and this guy proves jackets and pants don't have to match.
image by Jonas Peterson, image by Braedon Photography, image via WeHeartIt.com

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