Well-Groomed Groom: Grant's Golden Guy

Remember Ryan? He won the Grant's Golden Pomade Giveaway, and was geeked to use the stuff to tame his self-proclaimed Jimmy Neutron 'do. Well, it's been a few months, and Ryan's a married guy who came back to W-G to show us his new and improved hair. Suspenders, a striped tie, and a DIY boutonniere completed Ryan's look and a '57 Chevy Bel-Air helped the couple ride out in style.

Ryan was pretty successful in achieving his Ryan Gosling-inspired do, don't you think?

groom's suit: J. Crew Ludlow, ties: Penguin, socks: J. Crew, shoes: Kenneth Cole, boutonnieres: DIY'd by the bride

images by Joelle Pulido Photography


Chelsea C. said...

That's my dude! Thanks for the feature, Darren!

Anonymous said...

Ryan looks sharp. Congratulations Chelsea and Ryan! Beautiful style and photos. (I'm the fiance of Grant - of Grant's Golden Brand and we're off to be married too - in less than a week). Much happiness to you both!

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