Well-Groomed Groom: Equality Never Looked So Good

Anytime I see a gay wedding, I'm always curious to see if the guys will choose matching or complimentary looks. For this ceremony, the grooms chose the same Paul Smith suit, but opted for different accessories to highlight their individuality.

Both guys sport paisley ties, but one opts for a purple one to compliment his solid shirt and purple yamaka to create a more traditional look. The other groom chooses a blue and orange plaid shirt and funky socks for his orange yarmulke (pronounced yamaka). Don't overlook the custom printing inside the yarmulkes. Nice touch, guys!

images by erin hearts court


nickandnoragettingmarried said...

I love the paisley ties! The overall look for the guys is elegant and stylish and chic without being fussy. Also, the shaving picture is fantastic--it's so masculine. Such a lovely wedding; thanks for sharing the pictures!

philip andrew said...

all of this is phenomenal. the dude with the mustache is boss.

Lovelywise said...

Love the photo where he's leaning on his new husband's shoulder! So adorable!

paris said...


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