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Versus: Brad Pitt, Chris Pratt, Bennett Miller

By Well Groomed

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The stars of Moneyball all showed up for an promo event wearing all-black. Or at least, I think Pitt’s suit is black, but I guess it could be a dark navy. Either way, the guys are a great example of three different ways to make a classic unique.

Pitt goes for a tieless 3-piece suit, with undone jacket, five o’clock shadow, and shoulder length hair. Chris Pratt does a 180 with a more traditional suit, mid-width tie, and full beard. Bennett Miller opts for a very subtly striped suit with a really skinny tie and clean shaven look. So, we’ve got three different suits and three different facial hair statuses. What do you think? Who won this war of the wardrobes?

Who wore all-black best?

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0 Thoughts to Versus: Brad Pitt, Chris Pratt, Bennett Miller

  1. Anonymous Reply September 23, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    I'd have to say Brad's look is the best here, although I'm not in love with an open collar paired with a vest. Also, all three men should have their coats buttoned. If you're wearing a coat and standing, at least one button should be fastened at all times or the silhouette is destroyed. If the coat is tight when you do this and you can't move, the coat does not fit.

    Also, black is a poor choice for most men most of the time, especially during the day. Brad's choice of a dark Navy is much better. See:

    All three men would benefit from a pocket square or lapel pin to bring some interest. Bennett's tie tack helps here, I suppose, but his narrow tie ruins it (see below).

    Comments on each outfit:

    Bennett: Stripes are for business and his tie is much too narrow for the coat. The tie width should roughly match the width of the lapels on the coat, or you lose balance and proportion. Also, there is a large gap between his collar and the coat lapels (you can see the points of his collar). This is known as collar gap and is due to the fact that his coat is unbuttoned and/or ill-fitting. I do like that his coat sleeves appear to be a good length and you can see a bit of his shirt poking out the bottom. This is good.

    Chris: This is a solid look, save for the black color. The spread collar on his shirt is nice and the tie appears to be an appropriate width. He could use a little help tying his knot to get a dimple in the middle, but it looks OK. There is a bit of collar gap on his left side, probably due to his unbuttoned coat and his raised arm.

    Brad: This is easily the best look. The Navy color doesn't make him look like he's going to a funeral, he wears the vest well and knows to leave the bottom button un-fastened (always the case for both coats and vests), and his collar tips are well-hidden by the vest; ie no collar gap. Personally, I think a loosely-tied tie would complete this look nicely with the vest, but he's Brad Pitt so he can wear whatever he likes.


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