W-G Q&A: Should They Wear Boutonnieres?

Q: My fiance and I...have decided to nix the tux and go with a darker khaki pant, a light blue shirt, off white and blue tie and a navy blazer for my fiance. For the groomsmen, we are going to [do] away with the blazer, and have them wear a blue plaid tie, khaki pants, and light blue dress shirt. 

So, the big question is, do the groomsmen still wear boutonnieres on their dress shirts? Not sure this is going to look so hot. Any opinions?
--Aimee L.

A: Hi Aimee, the outfits you described sound fairly conservative given that you're sticking with khaki, white, navy, and light blue. I think boutonnieres could add the extra dimension and color that the guys might otherwise be missing. If you have some other colors in your palette, consider incorporating them into the bout. Here are a couple of examples of groomsmen  wearing bouts without jackets. But, you can see more examples in this, this, and this previous W-G post. Good luck!
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image 1 by Jill Thomas Photography, image 2 by Mister Phill


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