Well-Groomed Engagement: Two Guys & Two Looks

These two guys chose looks for their e-session that are similar, but still express their individuality. One guy chooses a striped newsboy cap to accent his jeans and tie, while the other guy opts for a more clean look that only showcases a tie. For look no. 2, one guy again goes for a little extra flair with a scarf to accessorize his layered cardigan look, while the other again keeps it simple with a solid polo shirt.

Still looking for an accessory to add some oomph to your e-session look? Enter to win a STNTN tie in this week's W-G Giveaway.


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Such a lovely shoot - thanks for sharing!

Jacki said...

Great shots!! Love the ones where they are both laughing.

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