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Week In Review & Style Snapshot

By Well Groomed

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We’ve got lots to catch up on, so let’s get to the weekly recap.
I kicked off the week with this STNTN tie giveaway. There’s still time to enter, so check it out.
Fedoras, custom Converse, and a splash of teal set the stage for this guy’s oceanside nuptials. 
It’s never too late for an engagement session. This guy has his years after the wedding.
If your dog walks down the aisle, make sure he does it in style like this pup.
Somehow, this groom makes shorts and boat shoes wedding appropriate for his Spanish wedding.
Seersucker and plaid come together in this guy’s wedding day look.
These two guys express their personalities, even though their e-session outfits are similar.
A fitted vest and pants keep this guy’s waist length dreads and a chest length beard stylishly in line.

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