Versus: Ryan Gosling & Steve Carell

This matchup pits two very different styles against each other. Ryan Gosling's graphic, black and white checked suit, disheveled hair, and full facial hair flies in the face of Steve Carell's subtly striped grey suit, parted hair, and clean shaven look. Both guys were attending the premiere of their film Crazy, Stupid, Love and both looks would work for a wedding.

Which is more your style? Overtly unique or subtly stylish?

images via Int'l Business Times


Allie Krukowski said...

For the 'Versus' column, ever thought about having an interactive voting element to it. Button below each pic to have viewers put in their say..? Just a thought, LOVE THE SITE. Muy Sexy!

Darren said...

Great idea, Allie! I'll look into that.

Tommy said...

Wow. You can't really go wrong with either one, but I like Steve. :)

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