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Archive | July, 2011

Week In Review & Style Snapshot

We’ve got lots to catch up on, so let’s get to the weekly recap. I kicked off the week with this STNTN tie giveaway. There’s still time to enter, so check it out. Fedoras, custom Converse, and a splash of teal set the stage for this guy’s oceanside nuptials.  It’s never too late for an […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: Locks of Love

A chest-length beard, waist-length dreads, and a sleeve of tattoos help this guy make an artsy statement for this countryside e-session. The fitted vest and pants, along with a polished boots keep the look from getting too disheveled. images by Jenny Haas

Well-Groomed Engagement: Two Guys & Two Looks

These two guys chose looks for their e-session that are similar, but still express their individuality. One guy chooses a striped newsboy cap to accent his jeans and tie, while the other guy opts for a more clean look that only showcases a tie. For look no. 2, one guy again goes for a little […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Gringo Groom

This groom and his guys make shorts look wedding appropriate at this Spanish wedding. Woven fedoras, custom boutonnieres, and open collars fit the Vejer de la Fronter locale. Cuffed sleeves and color block boat shoes make sense for the seaside festivities.

Well-Groomed Engagement: Love, Years Later

Lots of guys have e-sessions, but this groom had one years after the wedding. Skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and a skinny tie make for a relaxed look as the already-wed couple tours the city. Didn’t have an engagement session back in the day? Apparently, it’s never too late. images by Glen Allsop

Well-Groomed Groom: Cancun Casual

Custom Converse and vibrant aqua ties add a splash to this groom’s beach-y look for a simple, Mexican wedding. Along with the kicks, a burlap boutonniere, and fedora finish off the ensemble, while the groomsmen wore no ties and open collars. images by Jodi Miller

Giveaway: STNTN Neckwear

Neckties and bow ties are great, but the STNTN ties up for grabs in this giveaway are cool in a new way. When I say they’re new, I mean “new to me,” because they’re actually reminiscent of late 19th and early 20th century designs. That’s right, we’re talking old school, really old school. NYC husband and wife team Stanton and […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: Love Lay-Up

This guy plays a little one-on-one on the basketball court with his girl for their engagement shoot. He keeps the casual look e-shoot appropriate by sticking with a fitted black tee, leather Chucks, and fitted (but not too tight) dark jeans. images by erin hearts court