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Well-Groomed Q&A: Where Can I Find Those Bow Ties?

By Well Groomed

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Q: Great look. Where are those ties and pocket squares from? –Anonymous

A: Hey, Anonymous. I couldn’t find any info about those exact ties, but I rounded up a few equally-quirky options that will hit the same mismatched, yet complimentary note. A bit of advice, start with one colorful tie then use the colors in it as the reference for the others to create an eclectic look. This source also makes custom pocket squares to match your bow ties. Also consider mixing and matching solid or striped squares to compliment, rather than match, the ties.

Beau Ties bow ties | Carne, Polka in the Pines, Eyota, Kaski, Koani, Okefenokee

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0 Thoughts to Well-Groomed Q&A: Where Can I Find Those Bow Ties?

  1. Adriene Reply June 22, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    A great Philly Bow tie maker is

  2. Well-Groomed Reply June 22, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    Hey Adriene, I'm a big fan of Forage, but I didn't think their ties fit the offbeat style Anonymous was looking for. Forage's ties are mostly geometrics (plaids, stripes, and ginghams) while the ties Anonymous inquired about are multi-colored florals and abstract patterns. The reader was also interested in matching pocket squares, which I don't think Forage offers. With all that said, I agree that Forage is a great bow tie resource for the right occasion/style.


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