Well-Groomed Q&A: What About Male Engagement Rings?

Q: (via Twitter) How do you feel about the "mangagement rings"? Will it be stylish or silly? --@milknicecream

A: Oddly enough, I technically had an enagagement ring. While we were shopping for my wife's engagement ring back in the day, I mumbled under my breath, "Why don't guys get anything new for being engaged?"

At the time, I was thinking about a $2000 Trans Am that I wanted to buy and fix up, but my wife (being the sarcastic jokester that she is) said, "Fine, we'll get you a ring too." To make a long story short, I walked out with a plain $40 white gold band that I wore until our wedding. Before walking down the aisle, I moved the ring to my key chain. It's eight years later, and it's still there. (I'll save the story about how I lost my actual wedding band during my company's intramural kickball game for another time).

When it comes to engagement rings for guys, I think they can be stylish or silly. If the guy's a man-zilla who's flashing some diamond encrusted ring around to prove he's rich/successful/better-than-others then it's silly, stupid, and ridiculous. If the guy wants the ring to show a mutual commitment to his partner or to show that he's "off the market," then I think it can be stylish. In our case, it was more of a funny story than a big declaration of anything. I guess it's really more about the guy wearing the ring than the ring itself in my opinion.

What do you think?

rings by H. Samuel


Amy Kirby said...

Thanks for answering my question! I like your story. In my opinion, I think it depends on the couple. If the man wants to wear an engagement ring, he should. But if he feels obligated to buy a his & hers before the bands then it is probaly not for him. Any ring can be stylish if worn with confidence!

Michael said...

I'm inclined to agree with you two, it really comes down to what the individual couple want. This is true of so many things with weddings though, isn't it? Anyway, my fiancee got me a plain, inexpensive titanium band. It's sturdy and a little rugged, but in a handsome way, and I think it looks very nice on me. I have a strong preference for simple, unadorned metal rings (on myself, at least), so it fits what I like perfectly. It is also serving as an excellent "trainer" ring for me, since I have a tendency to lose small things very easily.

Darren said...

Hey Michael, show us your ring. No need for pro pics, a shot of your hand will do.

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