Well-Groomed Groom: Animal Planet

I'll say this upfront, I'm not really sure how to describe what's going with this wedding. I like the guys' peacock blue ties and mismatched vests, but once we venture into animal heads I get a little conflicted. I'm intrigued, but confused. In all fairness, I'll admit that I once donned a rabbit mask for an Alice in Wonderland themed magazine photo shoot, but I didn't really get it then either. Anyhow, these guys kick back with a few beers on the patio before the wedding, which I totally understand.

So, what about those animal heads? Even the women are sporting them. What do you think, are they a great offbeat detail, a weird/creepy concept, or some third option?

images by Jonas Peterson


Amory said...

I think the animal masks are whimsical & cool!

Huckleberry Creative said...

I think it's all about animal masks in moderation.

Their mix and match is just right though!

Jessica said...

In one of the other pictures they're showing Disney's Robin Hood at the reception, so probably to continue that theme. I think it's cute!

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