The Look: The Tourist

Johnny Depp sports a few different wedding-worthy looks in The Tourist. To master his free-spirited sophisticate vibe, you've gotta step up your shaving game. Being a free spirit, you've probably already got the shoulder-length "I don't care" hair, but a fresh shave and trim will keep you from looking like a hobo. Add some franc cuff links (Yes, I know France uses the euro now), cognac, and a sleek cigarette case (because free spirts don't care about lung cancer) to the equation.

Grab the Paris iPhone app before you head off to the honeymoon. Sure, you've got wanderlust for days, but your newly-acquired spouse won't think getting lost in a foreign country is fun/exciting/romantic...

images: Johnny Depp, Paris iPhone app, Hermes ashtray, shaving kit, cigarette case, franc cuff links, cognac glasses, Hennessy Black

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