Well-Groomed Groom: A Boutonniere with a Personality

Today's Well-Groomed Groom, Drew, brings a little whimsy in his ensemble.

From afar, he wears an excellently fitted suit that has all the right checklist. Look closer though and you're invited to a suave journey of style.

The checks and stripes patterned tie in purple-blue-white colors gives an instant style boost, while the subtle windowpane sits sartorially on the neutral grey suit. And something gave the outfit an even extra excitement, whimsical peacock feather boutonniere with calla lily and scabiosa.

Every single element here is eye-catching but not over-powering. It exudes class and sophistication without trying too hard. Well put together!

WG Well-Groomed Groom LD Tie

WG Well-Groomed Groom LD Boutonniere

WG Well-Groomed Groom LD Attire1

WG Well-Groomed Groom LD Attire2

WG Well-Groomed Groom LD Attire3

WG Well-Groomed Groom LD Attire4

Photo Credit: Jack Huynh |Orange Photography
Shirt (similar): Frank + Oak
Tie (similar): Calvin Klein at Nordstrom
Belt (similar): Frank + Oak
Suit (similar): JOE by Joseph Abboud at The Men's WearHouse
Boutonniere (similar): WeddingBellsBelles at Etsy
Shoes (similar): Nordstrom

Well-Groomed Engagement: Urban Chic

Clear cut signs that you’re a well-groomed guy are the way you suited up and the way you treat your lady. Our guy, Spencer – who wore slim fit navy blue scattered dash patterned suit paired with white slim fit french cuff dress shirt, fun light blue ice cream cone patterned tie, tie bar, leather belt, red socks and double monk shoes for his engagement photo shoot – was one good example. He was not only suited up with the right outfit for the right occasion, the fit was unbelievably perfect and he clearly made his soon-to-be-Mrs. danced happily! 

WellGroomed LS Engage 3

WellGroomed LS Engage 1

WellGroomed LS Engage 2

WellGroomed LS Engage 4

Photo by: onelove photography
Outfit: Suit (similar): JOE by Joseph Abboud at The Men's WearHouse. Shirt (similar): Calvin Klein at The Men's WearHouse. Tie (similar): Salvatore Ferragamo at Nordstrom. Tie Bar (similar): Pronto Uomo at The Men's WearHouse. Belt (similar): Ferrari US. Socks (similar): Calvin Klein at Nordstrom. Shoes: To Boot New York at Nordstrom. Sunglasses (similar): Ferrari US.

WG Encyclopedia: LACMA's The Reigning Men, A Magnificent Exhibit on Men's Fashion Evolution

Thrilled. That was how we felt when we had the opportunity to fly to Los Angeles, CA – a few months back - and visited one of Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)’s coolest special exhibit called “The Reigning Men”.

Spanning 300 years of fashionable menswear - dated back from the lavish 18th century until the present uber-chic 21st century, the exhibition was totally spot on! The 200 different looks highlighted the connection between history and men’s fashion, and how live events have influenced men’s fashion for centuries. French revolution, the shift of smoking habits (from pipe smoking to cigars and cigarettes), global trade and commerce, cultural exchanges, changing attitude towards animal fur/products, certain motifs and color, etc. - they all play a part in the evolution of menswear. In the mental level, the special exhibit also showed everyone how us men had the same awareness about our physique as our female counterparts, our same high standard with regards to attention to details, and our concern for our appearance. Hey, we all wanna look good!

Obviously, we're gonna share some of our most favorite ensembles with you. So, check out these awesome images by photographer Satria R. Santoso from Citra West.

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 1
  Suit: Italy, c.1770. Waistcoat: France, c.1770. Sword with Sheath: France, late 18th century

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 2
 Tricolore Vest: France, 1789-94 

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 3
(Left) Designer: Ann Demeulemeester; Belgium. Ensemble: Spring/Summer 2014
(Right) Carmagnole Jacket: France, c.1790. Sans-culotte Trousers: France, c.1790

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 4
 Tailcoat: England, c.1840. Vest: France, c.1840. Trousers: England, c.1840 

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 5
Smoking Jacket: United States, 1890s

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 6
Designer: Gaza Bowen; United States. "In God We Trust" Oxfords, 1988

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 7
Designer: Vivienne Westwood; England. Ensemble from the "Cut and Slash" collection. Spring/Summer 1991

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 8
Designer: Johnson Hartig for Libertine; United States. Ensemble: Fall/Winter 2012-13

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 9
Designer: Walter Van Beirendonck; Belgium. Ensemble from the "Shut Your Eyes to See" collection.
Fall/Winter 2013-14

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 10
Designer: Walter Van Beirendonck; Belgium. Ensemble from the "Shut Your Eyes to See" collection.
Fall/Winter 2013-14

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 11
Designer: Vivienne Westwood; England. Ensemble: Spring/Summer 2014

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 12
Designer: Yusuke Takahashi for Issey Miyake; Japan. Ensemble: Spring/Summer 2014.

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 13
Designer: Tom Ford; United States. Tuxedo Ensemble: Spring/Summer 2014

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 14
Designer: Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcons; Japan. Ensemble: Fall/Winter 2014-15

WellGroomed LACMA Reigning Men 15
Designer: Ozwald Boateng; England. Ensemble: 2015

Photo by: Satria R. Santoso from Citra West
Special Exhibition by Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Special Thanks to Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Suzanne A. Saperstein, Michael and Ellen Michelson, the Costume Council, the Edgerton Foundation, Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer, Maureen H. Shapiro, Grace Tsao, Lenore and Richard Wayne, Vickie C. Elson and Stephanie Rosenbloom, Louise and Brad Edgerton, Johnson Hartig, Walter Van Beirendonck, Tom Ford, William F. Erb, Sue Tsao, Eric and Anne Wu, yoox.com, Wallis Annenberg Director's Endowment Fund, Eugene Sadovoy, Kitzia and Richard Goodman, Janet Chann and Michael Irwin, George Chann, Louise and Brad Edgerton, Emily and Teddy Greenspan, Jenna and Jason Grosfeld, Lenore and Richard Wayne, the Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation.


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