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What to Give Him for Valentine's Day

A quick note from Mr. Well-Groomed.

“Guys are notoriously hard to shop for” - says Mrs. Well-Groomed as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And here I thought I was an open book. 

Well, for me, the key to a V-day gift is something personal and thoughtful. So get shopping, because here are some *hints* to totally win him over:

Lurk BS 003 Eau de Toilette 
for that “can’t wait to get next to you” scent


Natural Skincare and Personal Care Goodies from Credo

Jao Patio Oil & CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm
outdoor protection against the elements and post-activity TLC so he can stay healthy while still taking care of the world

Mio Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel
gives exercised muscles the attention they need before and after his workout

Graydon All Over Soap or Meow Meow Tweet Bergamot Salt Bar Soap
a multitasking liquid soap for the minimalist; a richly aromatic and moisturizing liquid soap for the guy who prefers the finer things, and a whimsical, exfoliating bar soap for the man who loves the great outdoors.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel
smells great and is loaded with organic ingredients to soothe his irritated after-shaving skin.


Cannot go wrong with something sweet, hand painted in edible 24 karat gold 

Light Accessories

This Miansai leather bracelet says "I'm hooked on you" and he gets to wear your love up his sleeves with the cufflinks

Have a little fun Stationery

Because couple who plays together, stays together. 

Luxe also comes in a small package
Good looking and good smelling. Dyptique is a no-brainer choice, while this Hermes is simply a piece of art.

I love us
Matching tumblers or his & hers travel tags for a romantic weekend giveaway, don't mind if I do! 

That's All Mug
Straight, to the point. Message received. 

Well-Groomed Groom: Patterned Vest and Turquoise Tie in a Country Themed Wedding

A rustic chic groom outfit came to live in this barnyard country wedding. This well-groomed groom, Mark, sported a white shirt, patterned vest in dark golden rod (a warm earthy tone), tan trousers, and a pop of turquoise tie with a matching pocket square. His attire had just the right amount of formality, warmth and color - a perfect fit with the natural beauty of the picturesque wide-open fields.

Well-Groomed Groom Venue1

Well-Groomed Groom Attire1

Well-Groomed Groom Attire2

Well-Groomed Groom Attire3

Well-Groomed Groom Venue2

Well-Groomed Groom Venue3

Well-Groomed Groom Attire5

Well-Groomed Groom Attire4

Well-Groomed Groom Groomsmen Attire1

Well-Groomed Groom Groomsmen Attire2

Well-Groomed Groom Decor1

Well-Groomed Groom Attire6

Well-Groomed Groom Attire7

Well-Groomed Groom Venue4

Well-Groomed Groom Groom & Groomsmen Attire1

Well-Groomed Groom Groom & Groomsmen Attire2

Well-Groomed Groom Groom & Groomsmen Attire3

Photographed by: Imtiaz Rashid while operating for Latte Productions Wedding Photography
Shirt (similar): Banana Republic
Trousers (similar): Nordstrom
Vest (similar): Ralph Lauren
Tie and Pocket Square (similar): Etsy

Well-Groomed Giving Tuesday: Let's Do Some Good, Buddy!

Inspired by UNHCR’s news stories COP 21: Climate Change, Refugees and Couture and the #GivingTuesday movement, this year let's value of how we are all globally connected and responsible in nurturing, protecting and guarding generations to come.

Giving back is always in style; in this spirit we searched for some of the most philanthropically stylish and cool gifts you can give yourself and everyone on your list.

Here are 18 of our favorites:

For The One and Only

UNICEF Handcrafted Silk Robe
Image via UNICEF 

Get this luxurious handcrafted silk robe for your One and Only while helping 102 children get measles vaccination. Yes, she will adore you more and more, AND she might want you to see her in this. Oooh, bonus point! ;)

Apolis Hoofpick Belt
Image via Apolis

This bridle leather, equestrian-inspired belt is THE MOST handsome belt we've ever seen by far. Handcrafted by Pennsylvanian craftmen, this belt use brass hardware that was traditionally used to pick rocks out of horse's hooves. Getting your One and Only to look uber well-groomed while getting involved in empowering communities worldwide has never been easier than this!

Credo Beauty LURK

Image via Credo Beauty

For that "Can't wait to get next to you" scent, go for this All Natural LURK BS003 Eau de Toilette. It's a perfume oil concentrate suited for men and women alike. No water, no alcohol, no preservatives, no stabilizers, no additives, LURK transcends gender, age, race, attitude and affliction. Seriously. When you purchase this, you will not only make your One and Only smells terrific, but you will also be contributing to bring joy to the seriously ill patients in hospitals. Now that's what we called DOUBLE win!

UNICEF Handcrafted Clutch Purse
Image via UNICEF

A breathtaking sterling silver clutch purse that’s perfect for a night out or a formal gala. (Hey, it also works as home d├ęcor!) Get this exquisite, petite clutch purse to help 239 children get polio vaccine…and to swoop your special someone up her feet (of course)!

For The Ones Taking Care of The World

Credo Beauty Jao GOE Oil

Image by Credo Beauty

This Jao GOE Oil is 100% natural unique oil that replaces the natural oil that everyone tend to lose due to age, environmental stress and weather. This may never cross your mind, but it's really awesome that we'd say this is THE perfect gift to protect that special someone against the elements, and to show that special someone - who are always busy taking care of the world, that we love them and care for their health and wellbeing. Go get a handful of this for them and gift-wrap nicely!

For The Uber Stylish

SaveTheChildren Tie

What’s more cool than a tie that can show-offs a passion of charity, art, and children’s welfare? An original children artwork, this colorful tie is surely a mood booster!

SFMoMA Interchangeable Wooden Bow Tie
Image via SFMoMA

This one is so freakin’ awesome, everyone should get one for themselves. We mean it. Every purchase supports SFMoMA’s exhibitions and education programs.

Warby Parker Upshaw
Image via Warby Parker

We all know that one can never have too many sunglasses. So let’s get this one, and feel good about it because Warby Parker is in partnership with a non-profit called Vision Spring, and for every pair of glasses it sells, it distributes another to someone in need in the developing world.

For The Nature Lover and Gardener At Heart

CalAcademy Terrarium

$19.99 each
When that special person likes nature but doesn’t really have much time to take care of plants, we’d say this one is the perfect gift! Get a handful, the more the merrier. Your purchase supports California Academy of Sciences mission to explore, explain and sustain life.

For The Super Organized

UNICEF Leather Wallet
Image via UNICEF

Get this wallet to let that someone be more organized, and help 32 children in developing countries to get measles immunization.

SFMoMA Shaving Kit Bag
Image via SFMoMA

I’ll let this one speaks for itself ;)

For The Foodies

FEED + Mouth Sweet & Savory

Image via FEED

A classic burlap FEED Bag filled with sweet and savory goodies, that will hit all the right flavor notes in your special someone's mouth and also provides 25 school meals for children around the world. Let's all say: Delicious-ness! (yes, it's a made-up word)

For The Athletes, The Travelers and The Adventurers

Credo Beauty Mio Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Gel

Image via Credo Beauty

We may not all be athletes but we do work our butt out at the gym, and run a marathon or two, correct? Working out is very important, and having someone giving us this Mio Gel that can boosts us into action and helps recover after the workout is totally appreciated. So if you have a gym buddy, or a bro and sis who are into workout, why not give them this gel? They'll be happy to know that you support their lifestyle and that the gift contributes to giving joy for seriously ill patients in hospitals.

TOMS Grey Wool Stripe Men's Classic Shoes
Image via TOMS

This pair never goes out of style and so easy to wear. This is a perfect gift for people who like to travel, as the slip-on and off style will make going through airport security a breeze. And it comes with a bonus of awesome feeling as with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need.

American Red Cross Weather Radio with Alert

An AM/FM/NOAA weather radio plus alert that has telescopic antenna and also function as digital clock with alarm, equipped with white LED light source, flashing beacon red LED light, headphone, USB phone charger, and can be powered from three different sources? Wow. Not only this is a cool gift for the adventurers, this also supports American Red Cross to prevent and alleviate human suffering.

For The Genius

PaperCulture Personalized Memory Game
Image via Paper Culture

Holiday is the perfect time to gather and reconnect with family and closest ones. With this Personalized Memory Game, you can select family photos, pet photos, classmates photo, etc, and make reconnecting more engaging and fun! Also, let everyone know that a tree has been planted with each purchase of Paper Culture products. Now that is super cool!

SFMoMA Clever Clock
Image via SFMoMA

This Clever Clock is an absolutely brilliant and fun gift for that genius special someone of yours. Gifting this will not only put more colors in the recipient's life and help his/her brain exercise, it will also supports SFMoMA's exhibitions and education programs.

For The Pure Phylanthropist

MercyCorps Gift of Hope
Image via Mercy Corps

If you or that special someone of yours have an extra awesome heart and would like to share HOPE for a better future, get Mercy Corps Gift of Hope. This Gift of Hope helps provide basic necessities for building a livelihood for family in needs.


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