The Ultimate Groom’s Guide to Honeymoon Planning: For Better or For Best

You’re engaged — congrats — but it’s “Business Time,” and you just want to rock out really: plan (and survive) your incredible wedding and then take an amazing honeymoon. Oh and as a Groom, it is customary for you to plan the honeymoon. You have quite a holiday checklist in store – so simply think about it as the most awesome vacation you’ll be going to.

Put the planning phase into action about 6 months in advance. Simply savor the excitement of brainstorming your adventures as a couple, whether it is flipping through thousands of pages in your Travel + Leisure magazine, discovering options with your travel agent, or even tracking down the coolest waterfall buried in one of your Pinterest boards, you should begin the journey by considering these:

Check with your better half how long you want to venture out for, so that you can plan on taking time off from work and adjust your budget accordingly.

Debate whether you want to ponder the majestic rain forest and eco wonders, take a lazy stroll through the garden of Versailles, or splash around in the shorelines while snorkeling, kayaking, and sunbathing beyond the two miles of white sand beach. Brainstorm a few options and together, you can make the best decision where you both will enjoy your first trip as husband and wife.

Once the location is set, you’ll want to dive into planning. Depending on your interests, get started on booking your reservations! Start out by reserving a decadent lunch at a Michelin Star restaurant, getting a local tour guide to help navigate twisty scenic roads deep in Bali, or plan for the perfect westward sail following the sunset.

There are certainly a handful of hotel deals out there. Perhaps consider splurging a little extra to stay in a luxurious hotel—after all, this is a once in a lifetime vacation! Pick a spot with an unobstructed view of the unbelievable caldera, a boutique hotel with authentic white washed curved wall architecture and full-of-character interior, or even an all-inclusive charming resort. The point is that you might just find yourselves comfortably cuddled up with your S.O. in a posh Louis XVI room - and it’ll feel like everything is right in the world.

You do want to add an ultra personal-something, because she deserves to know she’s the best. After the wedding planning stress, a much-needed royal treatment pampering is always appreciated. Alternatively, surprise her with a (before sunrise) guided mountain treks – if adrenaline adventure is her choice.

Then again, here’s our favorite surprise that’ll last forever—a trip to the jewelry store. Believe it or not, this is the number 1 travelers’ leisure activity when jetsetting. Think of this as a foolproof way to charm your newly wedded wife, but if you’re concerned about making a purchase abroad you’re not the only one.

We got an opportunity to chat with our go to experts at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Jewelers Mutual® is an insurance company that exclusively insures jewelry. The company was started by jewelers for jewelers over 100 years ago– in 1913 – so if anyone knows anything about jewelry protection – it is our friends at Jewelers Mutual. They really understand the sentimental value of a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry– and they’ve shared a comprehensive guide for us follow to avoid trepan unfortunate purchase while traveling:

Research the stores first. Make sure to pick a well-established business with great respected reviews. With so many reviews online – it is not difficult to pinpoint a solid retailer for your shopping trip.

Choose a well-known brand. You want to get what you pay for – and it’s always more re-assuring to go with a brand that you’re familiar with. You will already have an idea of what price range to expect from them – so the store cannot overcharge you.

Read all in the fine print. Review the return policy and double check that you can return the jewelry without any extra condition. Be aware that occasionally there are some exceptions within the small print that have tiny implications – like no return on certain type / color of diamonds.

Credit card security.  Take advantage of credit card protection – many companies offer this without extra charge. Plus, having an electronic proof makes it easy to dispute if a problem later arises.

Import taxes. Look into whether there is any additional tariff you have to pay, so there is no bitter surprise on the way home. This site has all the information you’ll need.

Lastly, insure the new jewelry. Traveling isn’t easy and being in unfamiliar surroundings whether at your destination or in the airport, it’s important your new jewelry is protected. As Jewelers Mutual offers worldwide coverage to residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec), it’s as easy as visiting to protect your jewelry before traveling home.

Jewelers Mutual knows that it’s more than just jewelry. Nothing to be overly worried about as long as you are cautious by taking these few precautions—this way, your something-special plan pans out smoothly. Each piece of jewelry tells a story, and we want to protect that memory for all its worth. After all, you want to see her sparkle in her new gem.

Now, are you ready to create the best memory of a lifetime? The coast is all clear from here on out!

This post is brought to you by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company an insurance company that
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Well-Groomed Groom: 49ers Inspired Groom

Man, he must have bought his attire from way cooler time or dimension or something. We don’t get to see enough grooms sporting hunting-style jacket nowadays. Especially in Bay Area, California – where hunting is the not-so-much-sported-anymore.

Tattersall patterned shirt combined with herringbone patterned hunting-style jacket, complete with all the blows and whistles, i.e. those shoulder and arm pads.... We're still in awe as we flip through photos of Brandon & Shan’s wedding that were not only captured tastefully by Natalie N Photography, but also showed a strong dose of creativity in the fashion department.

Here’s what our well-groomed groom, Brandon, said about his attire:

"The color theme of the outfit is based on the 49ers colors. I chose the bow tie so I could stand out form the groomsmen."

Not only was Brandon able to express his fandom of sports and stayed true to himself, he still took the formality of a wedding into action. For sure, Brandon DID stand out from the groomsmen. That combo which gravitates toward his favorite team 49ers’ colors in the form of red, black & white Tattersall patterned shirt combined with golden brown hunting-style jacket and trousers, red bowtie, black sports watch and a single-stem red rose boutonniere was simply put - a totally awesome nuptial of manly sports and a sartorial flair.

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 1 Shirt

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 2 Ring1

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 3 Shoes Socks

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 4 Bowtie Neckties

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 5 Shirt Bowties

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 6 Groom Groomsmen1

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 7 Jacket Boutonniere

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 8 Attire1

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 9 Groom Groomsmen2

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 10 Decor

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 11 Attire2

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 12 Attire3

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 13 Ring2

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 14 Attire4

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 15 Attire5

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 16 Attire6

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 17 TheWholeEntourage1

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 19 TheWholeEntourage3

WG Well-Groomed Groom ShanBrandon 18 TheWholeEntourage2

Photo by: Natalie N. Photography 
*Groom's Outfit: Shirt: Five Four Club. Pants: Banana Republic. Bow Tie: Macy’s Men’s department. Shoes: Kenneth Cole. Socks: Banana Republic. Belt: Kenneth Cole. Watch: Fossil
 *Groomsmen’s outfit: Shirt: Five Four Club. Pants: Banana Republic. Tie: Amazon. Shoes (similar): MensWearHouse. Socks (similar): MensWearHouse. Belt (similar): Frank & Oak

Well-Groomed Vow Renewal: Polished Polka-Dot

From the illustriously cool Lego-like miniatures representing our Well-Groomed couple: Brian & Tina, to the gems and agate slices studded decor - this vow renewal ceremony was a whimsical celebration of love filled with modern geometric display.

Carrying the theme into the outfit, Brian's notable picks of the chambray washed blue shirt and grey-navy necktie featured a synchronized polka-dot. When in many cases this dotty pattern creates an uber playful vibe, Brian's pairing it up with solid grey suit and trousers balanced the effect and created a sartorially sleek and polished look. As a topping, the little details in the form of metal tie bar and boutonniere added just the right amount of radiant tint into the combo. Plus, that catchy pair of suede blue wingtip shoes? We say, spot on!

WellGroomed Groom Brian1

WellGroomed Groom Brian2

WellGroomed Groom Brian3

WellGroomed Groom Brian4

WellGroomed Groom Brian5

WellGroomed Groom Brian6

WellGroomed Groom Brian7

WellGroomed Groom Brian8

WellGroomed Groom Brian9

WellGroomed Groom Brian10

WellGroomed Groom Brian11

WellGroomed Groom Brian12

WellGroomed Groom Brian13

WellGroomed Groom Brian14

Photo by: Braedon Photography
Shirt (similar): Nordstrom
Necktie (similar):
Suit (similar): The Men's WearHouse
Tie bar (similar): Frank & Oak
Boutonniere (similar): FloraAkkerman at etsy
Shoes (similar): Nordstrom


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