An Oldie but a Goodie : Breakfast in Bed

There are a million of effervescent thrilling ideas to woo your significant other - from small gifts to grand gestures.

Breakfast in bed is proven, tested, smile-inducing guaranteed and is always welcomed. Especially, if you pay attention to the little details, like fresh flowers, how she prefers scrambled over poached, brioche toast or crumpet, or if she enjoys a unique artisan-made jam!


She will be left awed - and the thanks you will get? Priceless ;)

P.S. Thanks to and for sending us a yummy jar of Sqirl Blueberry Rhubarb jam! 

Give Your Significant Other a World of Pearl

While trolling for gift ideas for her, looking for something to add to the fresh flower bouquet and last longer than a box of Spr√ľngli, I was pinged and pointed to pearls. If you think pearl is a been there, done that gifts or plain jane what-nots, think again! They are all the rage elegance and sophistication among the trendy ladies and gents, with its classic look reinvented - to be styled and layered with other materials (metal, leather, satin, and chunky bold accessories)


No over the top sparkler,  simply something a'fancy with a hint of romance, and a hearty amount of style, these delicate pearl numbers are sweet as they are sentimental. Once a symbol of wealth and status, many still believe with its meaning purity and gentility - it is a gift for the bride on her wedding day. In this new age, this oldest gem known to man is quite popular in the fashion world. Also, think special occasions: birthday, Valentine's Day,  anniversary, and the coming soon gift-giving holiday season.


Statement making, big budget approach: lavishly go with the Tahitian pearls, aka the black pearls. They have an exotic range of colors from peacock green to silverish blue - and the GIA certified specialists at The Pearl Source hand picked each for grade, color, and size match, so you'll get the best from Tahitian (and some French Polynesian) Pinctada margaritifera oysters, exclusively.

Above: Tahitian pearl necklace

Just right, classic approach: go with the fresh water pearls. They meet the style standard with substantial lustrous look (we tried them on, the result: Mrs. Well-Groomed was followed by compliments all night long) yet are priced in the realm of reality. We recommend the high grade AAA (top 10%) and very high grade AAAA (top 1-2%) pearl, like those featured here. Even when you get a set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet, you could still have some disposable for fancy dinner.

Above: fresh water pearls set | heart shape pearl & diamond earrings | white pearl bracelet


Laid back, simple but not plain urban look
Solitaire pearl pendant with silver chain
Round pearl subverted by durable rubber tubing

A dapper classic that would compliment any stylish menswear
Mother of pearl cufflink and stud set

Feeling smugged yet? Well, you know what they say: "You cannot go wrong with pearls." Mr. & Mrs. Well-Groomed agree.

This post is sponsored by The Pearl Source, all opinions are our own. Featured on MSNBC, Men's Health, Marie Claire, People and plenty more publication, offers a range of beauty from the South Sea, Tahitian, and Fresh Water pearls

Pearl facts source: (American Museum of Natural History)

Dressing Up for Fall { Celeb Style: Pharrell Williams }

We recently found ourselves among over 1500+ others, admiring a picture of this guy on our Pinterest, a musician with a resume that includes high fashion sense.

Pharrell Williams makes dressing up in layers so effortless! Naturally, we gotta take this inspiration and dissect it into a workable fall outfit.

Original source unknown


Similar pieces to recreate the look: 
  • Semi rimless gold aviator sunglasses  ( Ray-Ban)
  • Crisp white point collar dress shirt  (Gucci / Prada)
  • Teal & yellow/gold diagonal stripe woven silk neck tie (Nordstrom)
  • Plush Merino Wool Dark Sweater ( J.Crew)
  • Louis Vuitton LV initials leather belt (similar)
  • Dark fitted pair of straight leg jeans  (Burberry Brit)
  • Leather Strap Watch ( Emporio Armani )
  • Lightweight Technical Travel Trench Coat (Burberry
  • Handsome navy loafers (Donald J. Pliner)
And of course, attitude is the real draw - expect many to be infected by your cheery fun happy go lucky charm.


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